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Applying over 25 years of experience and success to help you excel at studying and teaching psychology. 

We provide bespoke support for students and teachers. Explore our resources below.  

The Psychology School


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For Students

Whether you are new to the subject, looking for extra support, or interested in expanding your knowledge. 

Including materials for UK GCSE and A Level, International Baccalaureate, & more!

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For Teachers

Whether you are looking for  lesson planning tips, grade-boosting strategies, or exam preparation resources. 

Including teaching resources, mentorship, practical tips, interview preparation & more!

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Additional Resources

For anyone looking to extend their interest in psychology beyond the classroom. 

Including film and reading lists, research exerpts, and useful links for advanced learners!

"Dr. Thomas was an incredibly competent teacher with a lot of experience and detailed resources that allowed me to go from very little prior knowledge of the subject. The process to get to this point was truly enjoyable.I couldn't recommend Dr. Thomas's teaching enough!"

A.B. -  A Level Student

Experienced Professional

Over 25 years experience teaching in some of the most prestigious and high achieving UK schools

Dedicated to Success

200+ happy students going on to study many subjects including medicine, law, and psychology

Insider Knowledge

Unique expertise attained through 3 professional courses and first-hand examination experience

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+1 (587) 664 9148

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