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1:1 Tuition

Reach your potential

Whether you are looking for 1 to 1 lessons for a whole course or for a particular part of a course which you may find difficult, The Psychology School can offer individual online tuition lessons.  Lots of students find this helpful in the lead up to exams, to support their own revision, and to reach their full potential.

We have had lots of success in tutoring students who were struggling with the course. In particular, having the opportunity to ask questions and focus on the areas they needed most assistance allowed them to grow in confidence and excel. 

Retake Prep

Maximize your grade

If you are looking to improve your grade and secure a university place, we can help you maximize your potential and meet your goals. Services include exam technique tips, revision tools, mock exam marking, and more. 

In our experience, the average improvement on retakes is 2 grades, and may be the key to maximizing your potential.

Interview Prep

Secure your Oxbridge place

Interviewing for your place at Oxford or Cambridge can be daunting. Making sure you are well prepared and have had practice answering tough questions and structuring your answers correctly can help you succeed. Services include application review and mock interview with feedback.

We have extensive experience of successfully preparing candidates for interview at Oxbridge colleges for numerous degree programs. 

Personal Statement Prep

Make the best impression

When applying for university, it is essential that you present yourself well in your personal statement.  Admissions tutors at universities are looking for enthusiasm for your subject and motivation to excel. Your personal statement is your opportunity convince them they should offer you a place. 

We are able to offer feedback and suggestions for improvement to personal statements for almost all university degree subjects. 

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